18650 Battery Cell - Samsung 20S (2000mah)

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Experience Unmatched Power with Samsung 20S ICR18650 Battery

Engineered for high-demand devices like e-cigarettes and high-performance mods.

Product Overview:

  • Single Battery Sale: Available as an individual unit for your convenience.
  • Type: Samsung 20S ICR18650
  • Capacity: 2000mAh, ideal for extended usage
  • High Drain Capability: Exceptional 30A continuous discharge rate
  • Voltage: Delivers a steady 3.6V with a maximum charge of 4.2V
  • Design Features:
    • Size: Standard 18650 format—fits perfectly in your device
    • Chemistry: Robust LiNiMnCoO2 composition

Safety First: Warning: High-output batteries like the Samsung 20S can pose risks if misused. Only use with devices designed to handle intense discharge rates. Mishandling can result in damage or injury. Use responsibly and at your own risk.

Optimal Usage Tips:

  • First Use: Charge fully to 4.2V before initial use to ensure peak performance.
  • Charging Precautions: Never overcharge beyond 4.2V to maintain battery health.
  • Storage Advice: If not in use, keep the battery at a partial charge of about 3.6-3.7V in a cool, dry environment.
  • Maintenance Guidelines:
    • Do not allow the battery to discharge below 2.5V.
    • Use only high-quality compatible chargers.
    • Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures.
    • Ensure the battery terminals do not come into direct contact without an appropriate load.
  • Handling Instructions:
    • Always supervise the battery when charging.
    • Regularly inspect for any signs of wear or damage.
    • Store and transport securely in a non-conductive container.

Emergency Care:

  • In the event of overheating, move the battery away from flammable materials, preferably outdoors.
  • If the battery catches fire, use water or soda to extinguish it as per FAA guidelines or employ a foam extinguisher.

Eco-friendly Disposal: Ensure responsible disposal and recycling of the battery in accordance with local regulations. Contact your municipality for disposal guidance.

Step up to Samsung 20S for powerful, reliable performance that keeps you vaping longer and safer.