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Orange County's brand new range of disposables are the perfect companion to your daily life. They can easily fit in your pocket, purse, bag, whatever! No need to refill or charge, just enjoy your vape and dispose of them (responsibly!) when they have run out of liquid. Each pen has an internal battery of 400mAh which will keep you going for approximately 600 puffs.

These pens have been filled with 500mg of Orange County's premium Broad Spectrum product, consisting of approx 250mg CBD and 250mg CBG per bar, roughly 0.8mg per puff. CBD & CBG provide the perfect balance of effectiveness



  • Cool Menthol The ice-breaker you’re going to love. Menthol Ice is flowing with fresh flavours and a cooling sensation, perfect for sophisticated vapers looking to expand their aroma horizons. Keep your cool with the world’s most popular flavour, set in a sky-blue vape pen
  • Sour Apple Take a bite out of our crispest vape flavour yet. Destined to become the apple of your eye, Sour Apple is the sweet shop favourite upgraded for grown-ups. This disposable has nailed that blend of sweet and sour that we know you love, in a grass-green pen that’s vibrant yet chill. How do you like those apples?
  • Grape Burst We heard through the grapevine that you’re looking for something sweet, fresh and royally fruity. Enter Grape Burst. This candy-inspired CBD/CBG vape tastes like purple and rocks a flowery fragrance for a vaping experience that’s as distinctive as it is delicious. No sour grapes here.
  • Mango Ice Transport yourself somewhere tropical. Mango Ice is reminiscent of the sweet, juicy flesh of the world’s tastiest mangoes - with a fresh icy blast to keep you cool. 
  • Kiwi Strawberries This classic fruit combo balances the sweetness of strawberries with the slight tanginess of kiwis. The one you’ll want to pick all day long, this tastes so fresh it’s like the fruit was grown under the Californian sun itself. For a mouth-watering aroma and a hot pink vape pen, Kiwi & Strawberries is the one for you.